Facebook & Cyberbullying protection
PureSight Owl offers multi-layered cyberbullying protection for your family, even when they are using Facebook! Protect your kids against suspicious Facebook friends, and view all their Facebook posts, including videos, links and photos, from any profile they have!
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Pornography protection - PureSight Owl 2012 features
PureSight Owl blocks offensive web content: Porn, Violence, Hate and more – all from a parent friendly internet portal!
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PureSight Owl 2012 - product advantages
PureSight is your best choice for protecting your kids online - even on Facebook, because it offers proactive and effective protection, remarkable accuracy, and it is easy to use!
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Your kids are protected on FACEBOOK too!!

Know what they post: detailed reports of your kids’ Facebook activities

List of suspect contacts: so they don’t connect with people that may harm them

Reports for ALL your kids’ profiles: even those you are not aware of…

Customer Testimonials

"I would like to share the wonderful experience that I had with PureSight support.
...Your support manager – H,. contacted me and gave me excellent service! "

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For the second
year in a row,
PureSight awarded #1 position by the European Commission Benchmarking of Parental Control Tools SIP-Bench II for all age groups!

PureSight Owl achieves Classification 3 (recommended for children under 10 years of age) as Australia's Internet Industry Association (IIA) Family Friendly Filter!

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