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Cyberbullying is….
the sending or posting of damaging or cruel text or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices.

Make a family contract!
A family online safety contract is an excellent way to protect your children from the dangers of the internet.

Parent Portal

The parent portal is where you, as parents, can be actively involved in your children’s online life in whatever way suits your needs – define the rules for each one of your kids’ Internet activities, follow their actions, and see how the rules you have decided upon are enforced, in real time. Keep cyberbullies and offensive content away from your kids!

Set child internet house rules
The parent portal is THE place to define the “house rules” you set for your kids’ internet activity, view reports about online activity performed from any protected device, review suspect activities and take any necessary action on the spot, for example – extend your kids’ Internet daily time quota, block or allow specific chat contacts, or define specific private information that you don’t want your kids to be able to mention while they are chatting.

Value to YOU
As a parent, you can easily and intuitively be on top of all potential dangers to your kids – starting with cyberbullying and up to exposure to offensive website content.
This is done by defining your “house rules” in advance and letting PureSight PC initiate any necessary action and by receiving real time alerts and deciding on action “on the fly” – all in the parent portal!

View alerts and reports from anywhere
One click involvement from your home, office or wherever you are! With PureSight PC’s parent portal you can monitor your children’s online activities and act upon imminent dangers in real time – from any location and at any time AND from any device!

Value to YOU
You can be involved and take an active stand in your children’s online life, anywhere, any time, so you know that wherever you are, whether it’s in your own home, in your office or on the road, you can maintain active and responsible parenting and ensure your children’s online safety.

Promotes parental involvement
The parent portal analyzes traffic, weeds out suspect material according to the preferences you decide on and initiates appropriate action. The content of cyberbullying messages is classified, your house-rules, are enforced and alerts and reports are generated.

Value to YOU
It all happens in one place! You decide, you monitor, you are alerted, and you can make necessary changes and adjustments to your internet surfing policies, for each one of your children, any time, any place.


"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."

Real Life Story

“Irish Slut”..
is only one of the names 15-year-old Phoebe Prince was called on Twitter & Facebook by her peers.
She committed suicide…

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