PureSight Owl 2012 Features and Benefits

Parent Portal
  • Define family online use rules(blocked or allowed websites, time spent on the Internet per day, types of content to block, as well as time schedules) for every kid in the family. Show me..
  • Manage protection for multiple devices (cell phone, computer, etc.) ALL from one place. Show me..
Safe social networking / Cyberbullying prevention
  • Facebook protection: view reports of your kids’ suspicious Facebook friends, and all their Facebook posts, including videos, links and photos, from any profile they have (even those you are not aware of!). Show me..
  • Protection from inappropriate or suspect contacts using potentially harmful phrases in Instant Messenger/chat communication and social networks such as Facebook. Show me..
  • Protect your kids’ privacy:
    Avoid exposure of private and sensitive data and images of children over IM and chat such as: school names, addresses, mobile phone number, etc... Show me..
Filter inappropriate websites and content
  • Protect your kids from access to undesirable Internet websites - based on content categories, such as Porn & Dating, Violence, Addictions and more Show me..
  • Personalized White & Black lists (specific websites that you want to allow your kids to view, or block them from viewing) Show me..
  • View reports of websites they tried to visit, and were blocked by PureSight, including specific reason and surfing time. Show me..
Manage time spent online
  • Time schedules for website surfing / IM and chat communication Show me..
  • Quotas for website surfing / IM and chat communication using predefined psychologist-recommended profiles Show me..

"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."
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