Did you know?

Cyberbullying is….
the sending or posting of damaging or cruel text or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices.

Tell your kids…
They should never open an attachment from someone they don’t know..
For this and other online safety tips

Web Filtering

PureSight PC’s unique intelligence makes it a web-filtering solution that provides “air tight” protection for your kids from exposure to undesirable content, even content that was created minutes ago and hasn’t been listed or cataloged anywhere! This is because PureSight PC adapts and changes in real time, according to actual web content.

Filter offensive web content
Your kids are always protected from Porn, Violence and other offensive content. PureSight PC’s unique ACR (Active Content Recognition) technology combined with an artificial intelligence filter and a list of offensive web sites constantly updated by our content team completely block or filter offensive content BEFORE your kids see it. You can also decide to simply be alerted of the fact that your kids are trying to access this type of content – whatever suits your needs….. And in case you were worried - even encrypted websites, adult search pages, web proxies and “anonymizer” servers don’t slip under our radar!

Value to YOU
Your child will never be exposed to offensive content such as pornography, violence, drugs, gambling and more, up to 17 different predefined categories, even in pages that were created minutes ago.

Active Content Recognition (ACR)
PureSight PC’s ACR engine analyzes and recognizes pages "on the fly" including user generated pages and porn sites that were published to the web just minutes ago. This advanced engine analyses the actual contextual and textual content of the Webpage!

Value to YOU
PureSight’s sophisticated ACR technology will locate offensive content before your child ever sees it – even if it was just published or generated on the spot so you can rest assured that your child will never be exposed to offensive content such as pornography, violence, drugs, gambling and more.

Restrict or manage your children’s access to websites
With PureSight PC you decide HOW to manage your kids’ access to the Internet. You can select from 17 predefined content categories (pornography, violence, gambling to name a few), and you can also limit the time your kids spend on the Internet each day and at what times they will be able to access the Internet – it’s in your hands. And of course you can create a specific profile for each one of your children according to their ages and your parenting style.

Value to YOU
Each one of your children will be protected from exposure to offensive content such as pornography, violence, drugs, gambling in fitting with your parenting style, because only you know what’s best for your kids!

Filter all types of content
Wide coverage – because there are all types of offensive content out there! Puresight PC’s unique filtering algorithm checks out both URLs and keywords. This in addition to our database which holds sites and Web pages classified by category, and is constantly updated and managed remotely by PureSight’s content team.

Value to YOU
You can relax knowing that PureSight PC’s radar provides your kids with protection from exposure to all variations of offensive content such as pornography, violence, drugs, gambling!

Rating System Support
PureSight PC integrates with external URL content rating systems and enables you to enable or disable support of rating systems such as ICRA and SafeSurf.

Value to YOU
You can be assured that we also protect based on standards set by international organizations.

Personalized "White" and "Black" lists
In addition to all of PureSight PC’s unique automatic filtering features, YOU can also define a specific list of websites that you either allow or forbid your child to see.

Value to YOU
PureSight PC empowers YOU the parent to exercise judgment and fine tune the filtering to your specific needs, because every family has specific needs and only you know about specific content that can be offensive or inappropriate for your children.

Override function
The final word is yours – you can instantly override any restricted website! PurSight PC includes Instant password protected override of restricted websites, for any duration.

Value to YOU
YOU the parent can exercise a hands-on sensitive approach to managing your children’s internet safety and they will know that their safety is your utmost concern!


"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."

Real Life Story

Ryan Halligan was only 13…
When he took his life, because was he ridiculed and humiliated by peers at school and on-line.

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