PureSight Network Based Solution for Mobile Carriers

As a mobile carrier or mobile internet platform provider, when you partner with PureSight you can benefit from increased business opportunities and an enhanced image as a socially responsible company, while giving your customers a highly effective, easy-to-use solution with which to monitor and guard their families against the dangers of the mobile world.

The PureSight Mobile Network Based Solution is a high preformance, carrier grade, linux, network based system, to be implemented at the carrier’s backbone to provide sexting, cyberbullying protection and a clean surfing environnment to children’s mobile devices.

PureSight Mobile Network Based Solution is a software composed of the following components:

The PureSight Parent Portal - the place where the parent defines his or her family’s online standards for use of the internet on all its residential protected laptops, desktops, tablets and other internet-enabled devices. It can be accessed from any place and on any device. Parents can view reports about their child’s online activity, and review suspect content when approval is needed.

The PureSight Sexting Server - analyzes transmitted mobile messages, text, images or chat

  • Image Analysis - Our unique Image Analyzing system separates potentially suspicious images from harmless ones, and predefined house rules are enforced.
  • Active Chat Inspection - Text messages transmitted via mobile devices are analyzed and once inappropriate texting activity is detected, the parent-defined house rules are invoked.

PureSight Mobile Surfing Servers - Both PureSight website classification servers and PureSight cyberbullying classification servers deployed at the carrier backbone, providing provisioning of the service. They control capturing of relevant communication, redirecting it for inspection, then, based on the classification results, enforcing the online parenting guidelines set on the PureSight Parent Portal.

PureSight Mobile Network Based Solution for Carriers

How carriers benefit from PureSight Mobile Network Based Solution

As a mobile operator you can expect many positive results when you offer the PureSight package to your customers:

  • An enhanced reputation as a socially responsible company
  • Increased revenue through offering an advanced, highly effective system to customers
  • Branding opportunities to increase all round market awareness
  • Point of differentiation: expanded customer base and market share with services which opposition may not have
  • Easy management and support for the carrier, no installation required from the subscribers
  • Scalable platform, to facilitate expanding subsriber base and activity

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