PureSight Owl, an added value service (VAS) desktop product for ISPs

An ISP wishing to implement a best of breed, easy to deploy solution can offer their subscribers the PureSight PC product as a co-branded standalone client by providing a version for download or on CD. Providing the co-branded PureSight Owl requires minimal allocation of resources from the ISP.

PureSight Owl for ISPs is composed of the following components:

The PureSight Enforcer – A light component installed on the protected computer. It is located at the OS level, and controls capturing of relevant communication, redirecting it to the PureSight engines for inspection, then, based on the classification results, enforcing the online parenting guidelines set on the PureSight Parent Portal.

The PureSight Parent Portal - A place where the parent defines his or her family’s online standards for use of the internet on all its residential protected laptops and desktops. It can be accessed from any place and on any device. Parents can view reports about their child’s online activity and review suspect content when approval is needed.

The PureSight API for ISP’s CRM – An integration API allowing the ISP full freedom in creating and maintaining PureSight accounts for its subscribers as well as performing all support and back-office management procedures of providing PureSight Owl as value added service.

PureSight PC for ISP Architecure

How ISPs Benefit from PureSight Owl

As an ISP you can expect many positive results when you offer the PureSight package to your customers:

  • An enhanced reputation as a socially responsible company
  • Increased revenue through offering an advanced, highly effective system to customers
  • Branding opportunities to increase all round market awareness
  • Point of differentiation: expanded customer base and market share with services which opposition may not have
  • Easy management and support for ISPs

Co - Branding

PureSight products can be co-branded to enable the ISP to derive maximum benefit from exposure and promotional opportunities. This allows providers to build and promote their brand equities whilst providing robust online child protection security solutions to their subscribers.

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"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."
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