Useful Tools

Practical tools available online that can help you, protect your children when they are online.
Is my child ready for Facebook?
“Mom, don’t you know that ALL my friends have Facebook accounts!! Can I have one?” Find out if your kids are ready!.

Tips for safe Internet use
You can’t keep your children off the Internet but you can try to make it a safer place for them, by following a few practical steps that will keep your children safe online.

Leading organizations and government initiatives aimed at educating and providing resources for the public about cyberbullying, sexting and other dangers of online life.

Why parents hate Social Networking sites
Some statistics about how often your kids are on social networking sites, what they do when theyare there, and the possible dangers involved. [infographic]

Back to school online safety tips
The kids are back in school? There's no better time to review online safety practices!

Setting time limits
Keep your kids safe by limiting their online time. Learn why it's important!

Family online safety contract
Protect your children with a family online safety contract where you can define internet usage rules for parents and children.

Tips for safe social networking
Tt looks like social networks are here to stay and there are certainly dangers involving their use. Learn how you can provide a safer social networking experience for your kids.

Is is Spying?
Is there such a thing as too intrusive when it comes to monitoring kids' online lives? Find out the difference between spying on your kids and watching out for their safety.

The Pros and Cons of Facebook
So is it a good thing? How does it affect your kids? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

Basic Internet terms
Understanding basic Internet terms can come in useful for parents who wish to understand their children’s world and to create a safe online environment for them.

Games and Activities
Online games and activities can be a great way to help teach your kids about the dangers of online life.

Summer vacation online safety
Summer vacation is here and the kids have a lot of free time to spend online. Learn how to keep them safe!

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