Why PureSight Owl 2012- the product

Here’s why PureSight Owl 2012 is your best choice for protecting your kids..
Proactive Detection
PureSight actively protects your child – it doesn’t just inform you after the harm has already been done! PureSight identifies harmful content and STOPS IT BEFORE it reaches your child!

Remarkable Accuracy
PureSight provides the best protection for your kids with exceptionally high detection rates and very low over blocking – it doesn’t block legitimate content!.

Effective Protection
With PureSight you receive the broadest coverage – any type of offensive content:, conversation, web site or page will be detected and blocked even minutes after it has been published!

Easy to Use
PureSight offers intuitive management in a special parent portal - so you can easily adjust the settings to allow for age-appropriate protection, for all your kids, of all ages!

Advanced Technology
PureSight’s unique ACR (Active Content Recognition) engine locates offensive content and conversations before your child ever sees them!

Evasion Proof
PureSight detects cyberbullying even when it is “coded” in that special lingo kids use online. Its sophisticated engine also anticipates filter evasion techniques, so even tech savvy kids won’t be able to get around it!

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