Did you know?

Who is a cyberbully?
Anyone can be a cyberbully, hiding behind technology to anonymously hurt someone else!
It could be your classmate, next door neighbor, or even your cousin from across town

Heard about chat roulette?
Chat roulette is a relatively new Internet phenomenon, where your kids are paired with a random videochat partner – who can be anyone!

PureSight company is your best choice for online child safety

Because we focus ONLY on online child safety!
PureSight is not another computer software “supermarket” offering a variety of solutions for your home computer such antivirus programs, computer security and programs that check your hard disk. We focus on protecting your children and only on that!

Because we understand online child safety
We focus on online child safety and nothing else, so we have psychologists and content experts on our team who help us focus on your children, learn how they behave online, how they speak and exactly what needs to be done to protect them!

Because we are based on advanced technology
Our tools are based on two best of class and proprietary technologies: ACI and ACR.

  • The ACI (Active Chat Inspector) identifies and blocks undesirable contacts and potentially harmful discussions originating from cyberbullies.
  • The ACR (Active Content Recognition) dynamically classifies and blocks undesirable web sites in real time.

Because we raise awareness
PureSight is not just about technology. We care about you and your children! This is why we have invested a lot of time and efforts in creating a resource center for parents to help you learn about the dangers your kids may be exposed to when they are online, how to recognize them, how to protect your children from them and what do you if your kids have already been victims.

Because we are global
Our products are distributed directly to parents, via ISPs, Mobile Operators, OEMs, and distributors, creating a total user base of millions of users world-wide. More than 15,000,000 children in 32 countries around the world are already protected by our solutions. And our advanced technology protects your kids from inoffensive content whether they speak English, French, Italian or any other language!

Because we value confidentiality
PureSight respects your privacy! We will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. Nor will we send you unsolicited emails!


"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."

Real Life Story

Suicide is a real danger!
Cyberbullying can have devastating consequences. Suicide is one. Read about some kids who have taken their lives because they were cyberbullied…

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